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The Global Open University Nagaland,India. 
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Programmes on Management and Commerce  

Master of Business Administration 

MBA I Semester  

MBA II Semester  

MBA III Semester  

MBA IV Semester  

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) 

M.Sc. in Insurance Business 

M.Sc. in Total Quality Management 

Master of Commerce (M.Com.) 

Programmes on Computers and Information Technology 

Master of Computer Applications (MCA) 

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) 

M.Sc. in Information Technology 

Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA) 

Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) 

Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications (ADCA) 

Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications and Programming (ADCAP) 

Advanced Diploma in Information Technology (ADIT) 

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA) 

Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (PGDIT) 

Programmes on Ecology and Environment 

M.Sc. in Environmental Science 

M.Sc. in Disaster Management 

M.Sc. in Sustainable Development 

M.Sc. in Habitat and Population Studies 

M.Sc. in Global Warming Reduction 

M.Sc. in Pollution Control 

M.Sc. in Green Business 

M.Sc. in Green Technology 

Programmes on Library and Information Science 

Bachelor of Library and Information Science 

Master of Library and Information Science 

Programmes on Law and Juridical Science 

Master of Laws 

M.Sc. in Criminology 

M.Sc. in Forensic Science 

M.Sc. in Intellectual Property Rights 

M.A. in Anti-Terrorism Laws 

Programmes on Health and Medical Sciences 

M.A./M.Sc. in Yoga 

M.Sc. in Health Care and Hospital Administration 

M.Sc. in Medicinal Plants 

Programmes on Psychology and Counselling 

B.A. in Counselling and Guidance 

M.A./M.Sc. in Mental Health 

M.A. in Psychology 

M.A./M.Sc. in Counselling 

M.A./M.Sc. in Psychotherapy 

M.Sc. in Applied Psychology 

M.Sc. in Forensic Psychology 

Programmes on Education 

M.A. in Education 
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M.A. in Higher Education 

M.A. in Value Education 

M.A. in Health Education 

M.A. in Vocational and Technical Education 

M.A. in Physical Education 

M.A. in Child Care and Development 

M.A. in Distance Education 

M.A. in Science Education 

M.A. in Adult Education 

M.A. in School Education 

M.A. in Educational Planning and Administration 

M.Sc. in Educational Technology 

Programmes on Social Science Subjects 

M.A. in Economics 

MA in Political Scince  

M.A. in Sociology 

M.A. in Trafficking Abatement 

M.A. in Ethics 

M.A. in Good Governance 

M.A. in Planning and Development 

M.A. in Dalit Studies 

M.A. in Tribal Development 

M.A. in Geography 

M.Sc. in Peace and Global Security 

M.Sc. in Disarmament Studies 

M.A. in South Asian Studies 

M.A in Discipline 

Programmes on Applied Science 

M.Sc. in Dairy Science 

M.Sc. in Applied Biology 

M.Sc. in Remote Sensing and GIS 
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M.Sc. in Bioinformatics 

M.Sc. in Biotechnology 

M.Sc. in Nanotechnology 

M.Sc. in Nanotechnology 

Programmes on Journalism and Mass Communication 

M.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication 

M.A. in Broadcast Journalism 

M.A. in Photo Journalism 

M.A. in Public Relations 

Programmes on Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Management 

M.Sc. in Hotel Management and Catering Technology 

M.Sc. in Ecotourism 

M.Sc. in Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Management 

Programmes related to Self Employment 

M.A. in Social Work 

M.A. in Women's Studies 

M.A. in Rural Development 

M.Sc. in NGO Management 

M.Sc. in Entrepreneurship 

M.Sc. in Geriatric Care 

M.A. in English 

M.Sc. in Geriatric Care 

M.A. in Hindi 

Bachelor's Degree (Hons.) Programmes - DIPOS and TRIPOS 

Bachelor of Arts General 

B.A. Hons. (TRIPOS) in International Hospitality Administration 

B.Com. Hons. (TRIPOS) 

B.A. Hons. (TRIPOS) in Social Work 

B.A. Hons in Women's Studies 

B.Sc. Hons in Environmental Science 

B.Sc. Hons in Information Technology  

B.A. Hons in Economics  

B.A. Hons in NGO Management 

B.A. Hons in Journalism and Mass Communication 

B.A. Hons in Education 

B.A. Hons in Physical Education 

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